BotNinja - Template Jewellery

All of our templates consists of flows suited to the niche/industry which can be customized by the bot publisher as per their requirements.

Price: $29.00 FREE TODAY!

Jewelry sellers online - whether you are an Amazon affiliate or an independent artist - Messenger marketing could be a very lucrative source of traffic. 

It allows you to understand your customers’ tastes and preferences, allowing you to easily create sequences of follow up messages to generate traffic and drive sales. 

The best way to plug a Messenger bot into the funnel is to redirect all customers to your bot from your Thank You page or receipt email. 

That way, your Messenger will have a super relevant audience and will enable you you to create very effective customer audiences and lookalike audiences. 

With this BotNinja Messenger chatbot you will be able to:

  • Build your list of Messenger subscribers. 
  • Segment your buyers and potential leads with tags. 
  • Create sequences to convert leads. 
  • Collect reviews from customers.