BotNinja - Template Educational Consultancy

All of our templates consists of flows suited to the niche/industry which can be customized by the bot publisher as per their requirements.

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In an educational consultancy firm, options to differentiate is limited and word-of-mouth from previous clients is critical for success.

Messenger bots can be incredibly useful for creating referral systems for your business. Existing customers can forward a link to your bot via email, SMS or Messenger and new subscribers can find all the relevant information. Depending on the options they chose to see, you can see their intents and connect them to the relevant sales rep. 

With this template, users can:

  • Create unlimited flows. 
  • Add unlimited tags. 
  • Respond to comments automatically. 
  • Customize flows. 
  • Build audience list. 
  • Get analytics on which inquiries were triggered.