BotNinja - Template Real Estate Agent

All of our templates consists of flows suited to the niche/industry which can be customized by the bot publisher as per their requirements.

Price: $29.00 FREE TODAY!

Messenger marketing with BotNinja chatbots accelerates growth for real estate agents and agencies because it allows you to generate qualified leads through organic or paid traffic. 

Providing customers with the best A.I based Messenger marketing experience ensures informing potential customers in real time about your properties and deals, which allows you to scale your profits much faster. 

With this BotNinja template, users can:

  • Immediately notify sales teams when sales inquiries are made
  • Drive traffic to the bot from Craigslist listings. 
  • The bot can ask questions to qualify leads, and store them for you.
  • Create widgets which can be embedded in your website or email. 
  • Get analytics on which inquiries were triggered.