Create eCommerce & Sales Chatbots For Messenger, SMS, Push Notification, Voicemail & Email.

Combine the scale of digital with the personalization of direct advertising.  

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A 5-In-1 Solution To Close Leads & Generate Online Sales

The Money is in The Follow-Up – Which Is Why Marketers Struggle Close prospects & Sales. 

What do you think is the biggest problem with your marketing today? 

Is it the number of tools available to choose from? Or is the the time you spend trying to learn how to use them? 

Or is it the fact that after signing up for a bunch of software solutions, you end up with a different bunch of problems to solve? 

What if 20% of all the features in every marketing and sales automation platform could solve 80% of your marketing needs? 

BotNinja integrates social channels with high converting funnels working with your marketing stack to ensure a higher R.O.I.

Flagship Features

Abandoned Carts?

It happens to everyone, and it brings down your conversion rates. 

Whether you are an online lead generator or store owners, chances are your funnel is dripping sales. 

Using BotNinja you can track your online sales, and optimize for conversions. 

Follow Up

Personalize your follow-up messages across multiple platforms to get the highest conversions. Whether you are an online store or a sales person, this approach is proven to generate more results. 

The best part? 

You can automate it all with BotNinja. 

We Pack Quite The Punch

Intuitive Flow Editor

Comment Automation

Built Language Processing

Advance Speech to Text

Intuitive Social Commerce

Project Level Organization

Calendar Integration

Push Notifications

Send Unlimited Texts

White Label Branding

Send Unlimited Emails

Response Dashboard

Works With Your Favorite Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are you pricing? 

    We charge based on the number of total subscribers in your account. For more information visit our pricing page. 

  2. Can I cancel my plan anytime? 

    Yes you can. You just have to email with the account information. 

  3. Will I be charged automatically after the free trial ends? 

    Yes, as a credit card is required to sign up. 

  4. Is it possible to have multiple projects under one account? 

    Yes, depending on the package you sign up with. 

5. Can I test all the features during free trial?

Yes. There are no limitations.

6. Is it possible to add teammates or multiple clients under one account?Yes, you can share your projects with team members and clients.

7. Is there a white label option?  

Yes, there is. Please contact

8. Where may I watch your tutorials?  

There is a dedicated tutorial section in your BotNinja dashboard.